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         The best is not personal. And luckily it is not.
       Thankful for all the good, that we can share with
     and for each others, we develop as good as possible.


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 Relative and absolute:

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 Rainbowlight meditation:

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                 for free awareness development.

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 Sitting positions:

One cannot say, that limitless timeless space exists or not
or both and or neither, because it is free of these concepts
of existence and notexistence ~ but it can be experienced
as majestic open clear awareness space, it's overpersonal.

Because it is free of all limitations, we can't imagine it and
it's indestructible, because it's independent and don't need
something to be based on. We maybe can not imagine this,
but we can enjoy it. Maybe we can be it for the best for all.

 Ambition and attention:

 Body and mind:

      The idea of giving some videos free only after a
      payment, I canceled, so that also young talents
      without bank account can benefit from this work.
      That is why I ask for some voluntary donations.
      Of course you can see it all (what took my effort)
      also without giving something.  But then you will
      forget the most fast. Anyway the habbit to identify
      limited will come back and ignore the best insights.
      It is hard enough, to keep a clear state of mind
      despite all kinds of distractions of the daily life.
      We need a good motivation, skills and endurance
      and a good own sharing involvement is usefull.
      Also there are relations between giving and taking
      and you will be able to keep much more contents,
      when you also give something and be a part of it.
      I want to make this work better and create more.
      Also translations in other languages are planed.
      So please support this work now with a donation.

      Thank you very much for all support that comes.
      I have at least 5 videos more in the mind or 10.

  Additional maybe a video for details: luckbringing seeds:

                May all have temporary happiness
                 peace, healthiness and freedom.

                   But more timeless happiness
                    because it is so meaningful.

                               THANK YOU

                  save your heart ~ give it a way

An earlier video of relative and absolute:

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